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High-quality restorations and cares for your historic car
Youngtimers: not only vintage cars

Youngtimer cars represent the collecting trend of the last years and they are appreciated especially by young enthusiasts who are looking for a car from the ’80s to the early ’00s. They also represent an investment opportunity for sure and relatively affordable on average: for this reason Scuderia Torino gives consultancy services for purchasing and valuation for restorations in relation to the actual value of the car.


In Scuderia Torino Classic Cars division we realize conservative, partial and complete restorations of historic cars: every restoration project is the result of a complete synergy between customer and our specialized team. Furthermore, we help customer to buy a classic car, with appraisals and complete cost-benefit analysis of a restoration according to the conditions of the vehicle and its actual market value. Our headquarters are in Rivoli, nearby Turin, and have 3000 square meters, so they allow to receive customers and store cars in a welcoming atmosphere. Scuderia Torino has also a well-established network with qualified partners for retrieval and reproduction of every spare parts and specified processes which are difficult to find. Restoration includes also upholstery, interior components, with guaranteed time deliveries and quality of the final result.

Frame-off and bodywork restoration

Body restoration is a work whose charm and craftsmanship are not measurable. Scuderia Torino ensures a reliable and precise service which allows to prepare each car to a proper painting, in full compliance with customer’s desires and the original design specifications. In this fundamental phase every operation is certified and demonstrated through detailed reports and photographic documentations which will be grouped in the Restoration History Book that customer can keep for future reference.

Paintwors and finishes

Painting is the most important stage of any kinf of restoration project sinche represents the most immediate evidence of the quality of the whole restoration work. Our team of experts studies the proper solution and the tipologies of colours, according to environmental regulation and the original specifications. Furthermore, Scuderia Torino has got advanced colorimetric instruments to find the proper colour matching, especially in case of special paintings and customizations. We also realize polishing of moldings and aesthetical details as well as their complete restoration and reproduction. We also restore upholstery thanks to consolidated partnerships with selected suppliers.

Reproduction of spare parts: where craftsman tradition and machine technology meet


Reproduction of unavailable spare parts

Latest technologies as 3D Scan and Reverse Engineering allow to accurately reproduce bodyworks and spare parts difficult to find in order to make them in short time and with a massive reduction of production costs. Proper restoration according to original drawings and specifications is guaranteed. Furthermore, customer has the opportunity to save and keep this heritage of informations for future.

#unavailablespareparts: the Alfa GTV/Spider 916 key shell case study

The demand for classic and youngtimer cars spare parts is growing. However, most of them is no longer in production. So Scuderia Torino adds this new service for customers with the support of specialized partners.

Starting for a 3D Scan of the key shells of the Alfa Romeo GTV/spider 916 we reproduced the original shape of the part with an accurate Revere Engineering operation. With the support of Puntozero and 3D files, tridimensional textures were studied and designed to reinforce the shells and to be 3D printable. Furthermore, it is also possible to apply several patterns and other customisations which make the reproduction of the part unique. Contact us to learn more!

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