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Unique examples and full customizations

Discover the most incredible and exciting custom restoration projects on one-off cars and special vehicles.


Design and creation


Executive proposals through renderings and simulations

Project definition


Client involvement at every stage of the work


Guaranteed attention to every detail

Tailor-made solutions according to individual requirements

Possibility of on-going modifications

Guaranteed quality and durability

Land Rover Defender Camperized

One of the most exciting and complex projects we have ever tackled is coming to an end. The Land Rover is ready to face new adventures without fearing any weather conditions. The team has carried out an extraordinary job of restoration, total reconstruction of the living area and redesigning of the interior spaces.

Restoration and customisation projects of unique specimens require a transversal approach and skills that enable a result exceeding the client’s expectations. This is why the client’s involvement is maximum, making him a participant and active part of the project right from the initial renderings and conceptual proposals, passing through the choice of colour & trim, to the executive phase. The restoration of the vehicle was an opportunity to make it compliant with the latest safety regulations and to equip it with modern comforts and technologies.

It is in fact equipped with:

Webasto heating;

Toilet (toilet, shower, washbasin);

Kitchenette with refrigerator;

Solar panel to power the electrical system and the services battery;

TV and two-way radio;

Double bed;


Telescopic table with various adjustments;

Lighting for all interior spaces and hi-fi system.

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