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Stile Unit was born thanks to the acquired experience in painting and finishing prototypes, style and industrial design models. In particular we realize high-quality works on the most common rapid prototyping materials and technologies as well as on the artifacts obtained from CNC and lamination technologies (resins, metals and composite materials).

Style models and prototypes
Finishing and painting for rapid prototyping technologies and materials

Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies | 3D Printing

Stereolithography SLA: matt and transparent resins (painting and polishing)

Selective Laser Sintering SLS: PA (nylon), both neutral and reinforced

Fused Deposition Modeling FDM: ABS, Ultem, PC and many others…



CNC technology

Resins: WB, SB, MB.

Polymers: PA, ABS, PC, PMMA and many others

Metal alloys

Lamination | Vacuum Casting

Polyurethane resins from vacuum casting

Transparent resins

Fiberglass components

Carbon fiber components

Design and customized solutions

Every project is fully customizable to give to the customer a unique result, with mastery and professional knowledge and in full compliance with the original design. Scuderia Torino gives consultancy services for design and customization of projects which are not only about restorations, but concern also body details, liveries and aesthetic customizations both for cars and motorcycles, or furniture and industrial design products. We also realize special effects paintings, simulating several material finishings and also cubic printing and wrapping. In this way quality and long life are guaranteed for every kind of treatment customer would like to adopt and, at the same time, the possibility to re-establish and keep the original surface when he will want to come back to the original layout.

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