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STILE | Treatments and finishes

Finishes for engine components

Engine components are aesthetically restored thanks to several finishing treatments, from sandblasting to paintings with embossed effect. The objective is to add value at the restoration quality and guarantee maximum durability and high-temperature resistance.


Polishing operations of front grilles, chromed elements (mouldings, frames, badges) are made by our highly experienced craftsmen. In most cases they are able to preserve the original chrome plating, like for the front grille of a Lancia Flaminia Touring, whose strips were disassembled and polished by hand. In the following gallery it is possible to see the inital conditions of the grille. We are also able to polish aluminium and transparent materials by rapid prototyping.

Car body polishing

Car body polishing is made by hand or with professional instruments: grinding and polishing on the entire body surface to obtain a top-class result.

Body accessories restoration

The value of the original components is fundamental, so maximum care and attention are paid to the restoration of those elements for which we can avoid the entire replacement with new spare parts.

Interior components restoration

We pay the same attention for the interior components of a classic car. Just like the external parts, we try to preserve and keep the original components and treatments. If it is not possible, we use 3D Scan, Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping technologies.

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